Enjoy The Stunning View of Sunsets and Star on Top of Teide

Tenerife is a place full of attractions. People can go on voyages to watch beautiful marine mammals. At the same time, they can relax and enjoy a romantic getaway while stargazing. The place has many things to do that attract people all over the globe.

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In this post, let us tell you about things you can do at Teide. Before that, let us give you a brief about Teide.

About Teide

Teide is the highest mountain in Spain and one of the primary attractions on the tour of Tenerife. The Teide Mountain is 3718m high. Many people have an excursion to this mountain on their things-to-do list on a trip to Tenerife. People find it exciting to climb the summit to marvel at the sunrise over the Canaries.

People highly enjoy the view of the rising sun up there that they go hiking again and again. The Teide volcano has the protection of UNESCO World Heritage National Park, which also adds some restrictions to climbing Teide Volcano.

Highlights of Teide Mountains

A lot of things are waiting for you on the Teide Mountain. You can take a tour from Puerto de La Cruz to the Teide National park via La Esperanza. Both sides have a captivating view for you to admire. You can see the magnificent coastal towns of the wine region. The tour will allow you to admire the green countryside of the Tenerife.

You can ascend through Mount Teide National park while taking in the lavishly beautiful scenery of the mountain and La Palma Island. At the same time, you can enjoy a romantic time with your partner or find a new motivation in life while watching the sunset from the top of the world. What else can you wish for when holding a cup of cava while watching the sunset?

Nothing can beat the feeling of having dinner and stargazing from the Teide mountain with your loved ones. Tenerife is one of the best places when it comes to star gazing.

While you go on an excursion to Teide Mountain, check out the gears you must take up with you.

The equipment you will need include –

  • Headlamp for night trekking
  • A cap for blocking the sun in the daytime trekking
  • A hat and gloves
  • Sunscreen
  • a down or windproof jacket
  • Enough water for each person
  • Trail type shoes
  • Snacks to regain your energy

Now you have all the information you will need when going on an excursion to Teide Mountain. Pack your stuff, build up your courage, go on hiking and enjoy the incredible views of the Teide Mountain.