Royal Holiday Vacation Club Is Committed To Guest Safety Amidst The Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Royal Holiday Vacation Club has always been committed to the safety of its valued guests and team members, and the global pandemic has only increased what we are doing to ensure safe vacations. 

We are proud to announce the launch of our “Safe Guest Program,” an initiative that represents a brand new partnership between Park Royal’s hotels and resorts, Cristal International Standards (a well-regarded British company), and Ecolab cleaning products. The Safe Guest Program is divided into five key areas of our hotels. 

All guests receive a Cristal International Posicheck certification test when they arrive, allowing us to ensure that sick individuals do not infect others. We also maintain five feet of social distancing in all of our hotel lobbies and provide sanitation stations stocked with antibacterial gel to encourage our guests to practice proper hygiene. 

When you arrive at your room, you will find a personal hygiene kit stocked with premium-quality Ecolab cleansing products to help you follow international cleanliness protocols. Cristal also monitors our room-cleaning procedures against international standards to ensure compliance. 

Similarly, all entertainment areas are disinfected frequently to ensure guest safety. All children are also given regular temperature tests so that they can be isolated from their peers if they may be coming down with something. 

Furthermore, we maintain social distancing of at least five feet on all of our beaches and resorts. All tables and chairs are disinfected with Ecolab products between uses, so you don’t have to worry about any leftover germs. Likewise, Cristal monitors our pools to ensure the clean, clear water you deserve on vacation. 

If you get hungry, rest assured that all of our restaurants follow world governmental guidelines to ensure a safe, enjoyable dining experience. Tables are properly distanced and disinfected between covers, so you aren’t exposed to any pathogens from other parties. We also regularly disinfect our physical menus and have transitioned many locations to hygienic digital menus for customer safety. 

At checkout time, we provide urns that allow you to return your room keys in a safe, contact-less environment. We also strive to make the checkout process as fast as possible to mitigate risk for both guests and employees. 

All of these procedures apply to our employees as well, and we will send our team members home if they aren’t feeling well. With so many safety precautions in place, you can enjoy your vacation knowing that you are at least as safe as you would be at home. 

The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is a membership-based vacation program that provides members with priority access to over 180 of the world’s best destinations using a simple point redemption system. 

Multiple levels of membership are available, ranging from Bronze offering an annual allotment of up to 10,000 CV (Holiday Credits) to Royal membership offering up to 75,000 CV. You can save up CV for multiple years or use it as it becomes available: the choice is yours. 

Members also receive additional perks, including exclusive use of our Royal Travel Agency, luxurious cruises, and the option to rent a reservation to another party. We also offer special rates on extra nights and the option to purchase additional credits beyond what your membership provides. 

If you have any further questions about Royal Holiday Vacation Club or the services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly representatives for more information. We look forward to facilitating your dream getaway!