The 6 cheapest destinations to travel this year

Although we are not in the holiday period yet, surely more people are already planning where they will go for their next vacation. It is becoming easier and more accessible to travel the world. If you are already looking for your next destination, pay attention to this list.

The most expensive city in the world is New York with a cost of 300 thousand pesos a night, including all expenses.

Prepare your bags!

These are the 6 cheapest destinations, from the most expensive to the cheapest.

  1. Marrakech (Morocco)

It has one of the cheapest prices per day but be careful if you are traveling because a traveler recommends that you “never photograph a resident without his permission. Culturally, the locals think that the photos capture their souls ».

You can have tea in the mythical square of Jamaa el Fna and get lost in the framework of the medina. According to Lonely Planet, the Moroccan city has one of the essential museums of 2019, the Yves Saint Laurent, dedicated not only to the designer who left a great mark on that city in the 70s but also to Morocco.

  1. Phuket (Thailand)

It has become one of the favorite destinations after South-East Asia became a very popular destination.

In 2004 it was razed by the tsunami that reached its shores, despite that the Phuket peninsula has become one of the favorite destinations for travelers seeking beach and rest.

On the west coast of the country, monsoons are very common from May to October, and these are heavy rains that generally cause flooding. They grab more force specifically between July and August, so it is recommended to travel in January because it does not rain, and it is not too hot.

Also, Phuket is one of the canters of the country of muay Thai, Thai boxing.

  1. Bombay (India)

It has impressive architecture, ranging from modern skyscrapers to neo-Gothic buildings. One of the buildings that attract the most attention is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus station, of Islamic, Hindu and British architecture, or the Gate of India, in the Port of Bombay.

  1. Quito (Ecuador)

It is the capital of Ecuador and has one of the best-preserved historic centers in Latin America, despite the earthquake of 1917.

It was one of the first heritage protected by UNESCO in 1978 and 1979. Stresses the square of San Francisco, which is next to the church of the same name. A cable car that goes up to 4,100 meters high that allows you to see a panoramic view of the capital. About 185 kilometers south of the city, is Tena, one of the best destinations for whitewater descent.

  1. Lima (Peru)

Not only the capital of Peru but also the capital of gastronomy. Recognized worldwide for its incredible dishes, in Lima, you can try the best-stuffed causes, picarones, ceviche, chaufa rice, and the classic pisco sour cathedral.

From Lima, you can tour the Andean jungle to Aguas Calientes, in a panoramic train with windows on the roof that will take you to the archaeological site of Machu Picchu.

  1. Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

This city was formerly known as Saigon and is the largest in Vietnam with 8.5 million people. Combine the modern with the traditional.

Crossing the street is a challenge because of the large number of motorcycles that are circulating in its streets in constant chaos. Its inhabitants are very friendly, they have an exquisite coffee culture and very rich street food.

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