Trying Ayahuasca in Peru: What to expect?

If you wish to try out the ultimate and original ayahuasca experience, you should be well updated with the facts. Ayahuasca is a psychotropic brew which contains certain healing properties. It is made out of banisteriopsis caapi and the chacruna plants. There are certain components present which create a mind boggling effect and also provide you with elements of your inner self. However you should not be having underlying medical disorders like bipolar disorder and or manic phases. The MAOIs present are active components in the caapi which can increase pressure levels and accelerate heart rate or heart beat. So you should analyze your medical condition carefully before embarking on an ayahuasca journey.

More highlights

The retreats in Peru, the authentic ones, are well known for their client hospitality and scientific means of approaching the ceremony.  The shamans there monitor your physical and mental health and counseling sessions are provided. The magical brew is consumed in a group ceremony along with many others through singing of icaros. The effects are almost immediate and long lasting. The most known outcome is the excessive vomiting, nausea and diarrhea along with hallucinations and flashes of parallel reality. However if a person falls to sick, good resorts have medical teams on hand to deal with emergencies. People may expect instant and magical recoveries, as sources have reported that it cures a lot of issues like anxiety, panic and PSTD. However individual awareness is a key part in this regard as this potion will help in reducing your symptoms but not work as a miracle. The presence of DMT also caused these hallucinatory states. If you choose an authentic resort with a kind and knowledgeable shaman, you have nothing to fear. But there have been disturbing incidents reported of ladies being mistreated during intoxicated state. Plus, there are people who claim to be shamans but lack the proper knowledge so the whole ceremony goes wrong.

Conclusive summary

The Moyano center ayahuasca retreats, Peru are the most acclaimed and safest places to visit if you wish to have the ultimate and enjoyable ayahuasca experience. The shamans here are knowledgeable and experienced. The translators are there to help you communicate with the healers. The medical team is also there to assist if anyone has any problems. Also the security team and volunteers take care of the people during the ceremony. So you can read more about the updates by clicking on the links.