Short road trips from Bangalore for fun rejuvenation

Bangalore, the IT city of India with residents from around the country, is known for its busy and fast lifestyle. Owing to the busy traffic and noise, the city dwellers often find respite in long drives on the outskirts of the city that connect the city to varied adventurous, nature-bound and a rather laid-back destination. With scenic views en-capturing the mind, and fresh air treating the skin – short road trips are regularly undertaken by the Bangaloreans to rejuvenate and unleash stress.

From exploring the wilderness of nature as one trek, camps or goes on wildlife tours to lounging in luxury Bangalore resorts to encapsulate bliss – short road trips make the city life more bearable. Be it about hopping in the car with friends or planning a short road trip with the family, here are some of the short road trips you can undertake from Bangalore for fun and rejuvenation!

Nandi Hills

A rather idyllic but surreal experience, Nandi Hills is one of the favorite getaways of Bangaloreans. Not because it is just 60 km from the city, but also because it instantly connects one to the beauty of nature, pleasant temperature, and soothing views. In the village of Nandi Durg, this hill atop is famous for the Nandi Bull Temple, waterfall and panoramic view of the mountains with clouds hovering over the landscape. Discovery village is a luxury adventure resorts in Bangalore, located at the foot of Nandi Hills, and treats its guests with luxury accommodation and adventurous activities for the perfect unleash. Connect to your inner self as you relax by the spa, indulge in nature-driven experiences, and undertake outdoor activities like Quad Core Biking, trekking, camping, etc. From watching the sunrise from the top of the Nandi Hills to ending nights with travelers over random conversations – Nandi Hills is a perfect weekend getaway!


Once the summer headquarters of the British Raj, Ooty is a resort town nestling in the Western Ghat mountains of Tamil Nadu. About 266kms from Bangalore, the hill station is a few hours ride and a surreal experience given its weather, surrounding beauty and enchanting vibes. Amidst the blue mountains, the town promises of a glimpse into the history of India, ancient structures and poetic lifestyle while also engaging people in its adventure, and natural beauty. From steam engine trains to chariot rides and vintage roads – the town is filled with ecstatic pleasantries to calm the soul. While the Bangalore-Ooty highway is a pleasant ride, one can have a fun rejuvenation and relaxed time in this rather small but mighty town.

Source: Ooty


An ancient hill fortress, the Skandagiri mountain is also called the Kalavara Durga and is a popular camping, trekking and adventure destination. Just 70kms from Bangalore, this fortress is known to witness night trekkers and travelers, both national and international,  camping inside the fortress by the night and witnessing the splendid sunrise by the morning. Like a full night tour, one can take a drive to the Papagni Matt from the NH44 highway through Chikkaballapur and begin the trek from there. For some fun time exploring trekking, camping, and sunrise, it’s a short trip from the city and instantly gives an adrenaline rush. The panoramic views from the Fortress will leave one speechless.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


The cultural capital and the third-largest city of South Karnataka, Mysuru is a palatial town with historical insights, magnificent buildings, and an engaging lifestyle. Recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mysuru is famous for its Mysore Palace – a royal residence of Wadiyar Residency, a museum, and the seat of the Kingdom of Mysore that is designed with artistic insights and beauty. Just 140kms from Bangalore, the 3-hour drive from the city is rather enriching while the historical monuments, city experiences and the food of Mysore encapsulate the minds of the travelers. For a short respite from a bustling city, Mysuru is the place to be!


The ruins of the magnificent Vijayanagara Kingdom – UNESCO World Heritage site – Hampi is a forgotten Empire with history hidden beneath all its crumbled stones and structures. A short ride from the city, Hampi is a tourist destination and a mesmerizing town that tickles the adventurist in you and makes one explore the hippie culture too. Characterized by rocky boulders and banana plantations, the city is widely known for being a major religious center, place of learning and adventurous experiences. For a fun outing from the city, and rejuvenation in nature – this rather exciting place has all the reasons to unleash!

Planning for a fun weekend outside the city? These exciting short road trips might be the next amazing thing on your itinerary! Just hop on your car and leave!