7 Finest Luxury Resorts in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Taking a chance around Raja Ampat’s magnificent nature doesn’t mean you must give up life’s comforts and luxuries. You may get the greatest of both worlds and get the best time in the beautiful archipelago with the right choice of accommodation. Below are the seven most excellent luxury resorts in Raja Ampat, Indonesia that can be your reference.

  1. Cove Eco Resort

The Cove Eco Resort is the closest you may get to your private island. The iconic resort is perched on the pristine beaches of Yeben Island, a small virgin island, even by Raja Ampat’s standards. The area is also called “Mirror Ocean” due to its flawless natural state, colourful, and unspoilt. But, the island is still strategically situated close to other diving and sightseeing spots of Raja Ampat. For your chill-out hours, you may enjoy the resort’s luxe own facilities, like spa treatments, beachfront daybeds, strolling around the gardens, and private beaches.

  1. Papua Paradise Eco Resort

This resort has a distinctive mixture of power and tranquillity, which serves you well both for fantastic days out on the water, and wind-down afternoons in the comfort of the airy waterfront bungalows. Its basic interior but lavish facilities are more than enough to make you feel at home, topped with a high quality of service dedicated to catering to guests’ requirements when in the tropical paradise. Each bungalow is granted a private balcony which dwellers may laze in daybed or hammock with a sprawling ocean scenery all around.

  1. Waiwo Dive Resort

The dive resort occupies one of the most prized and lovely spots in Raja Ampat’s Waigeo Island, the biggest in the Papuan archipelago. The apparently humble façade and hardwood décor represent the resort’s eco-loving characteristics, and it holds astounding facilities, such as air-conditioned rooms, spacious private bathrooms, relaxing massage, and a fine Indonesian restaurant. Additionally, with the resort’s deck, boats, kayaks, and water adventures gear, the property will ensure you some exciting days out and comfy nights in.

  1. Misool Eco Resort

The ideal place in the horseshoe-shaped lagoon of Raja Ampat’s Misool Island is the most beautiful luxury in itself. Surrounded by the fantastic shoreline, it’s bright white and blue meet, you may hold a sweeping scenery of idyllic beauty from the comfort of your personal villa’s balcony. Beyond the luxurious and comfy wooden huts, Misool Eco Resort is a distinctive dive resort that offers various water activities. And for hours you feel like lazing around loving the tropical vibe, there are different traditional spa treatments and on-site activities that you can try.

5. Papua Explorers Dive Resort

The green and traditional approach don’t make this resort any less luxurious. The airy bungalows could be constructed with conventional Papuan style, but they come with contemporary modern comforts and amenities. You’re able to enjoy lavish services such as spa, lounge, restaurant with a view, and some of the best activities in Raja Ampat. You can also arrange special trips and adventures, such as hiking, bird watching and more events here.

  1. Sorido Bay Resort

The sea cottages of this resort do not only boast incredibly gorgeous scenery of the faraway lands and sea, but also the best of modern-life facilities incorporated into the natural charms. Moreover, the comforts and luxuries of this resort are also presented in a way that reflects and respects the local culture through traditional construction styles, décor and more. Nevertheless, the resort is constructed with modern needs in mind, thus the camera work table, mini bar, restaurant, satellite TV plus much more.

  1. Raja Ampat Dive Resort

This lodging is excellent for people who take their diving and comfort seriously. This resort has a dive centre that will cater to every diver’s needs, from beginners to pros. The locale’s gorgeous wooden bungalows are perched around the sea overlooking endless colours of blues, together with a private terrace, and staircase descending right into the ocean. The airy interior induces a sense of tranquillity and calmness equipped with whatever you need for a comfortable stay.

Trip to Raja Ampat is more than just accommodation; it also makes long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Raja Ampat by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.