Best river cruises Europe: a shortlist

Compiling a list of the best river cruises Europe is hard… as hard as it is to compare apples with pears. Why? Europe is very different from region to region, country to country. This means that every cruise in essence will provide you with a different experience. From the impressive Fjords in Norway to the small and imposing rivers and cities in The Netherlands, going to the cities in France and Spain. Although it is hard to make a list, we can of course look at the most popular list of best river cruises Europe. Here we go!

Cruising the small rivers of Belgium and Netherlands

Ready to be impressed with tulips, cities and flat landscapes? The Netherlands offers a variety of cities located at waterways, such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Arnhem. These cities all have their own beauties. Amsterdam is known for its canals, cheese and historical sites. Well-known among tourists and a must-go visit when cruising through The Netherlands. Rotterdam, on the other hand, offers a completely different picture. Located on the river Maas, the city was bombed during the second World War. After the war, the city was rebuild using modern architecture. Now, this city offers an international blend of architecture, food and cultures.

The variety makes this one of the best river cruises Europe. Traveling further down south, you will move to the picturesque cities such as Ghent. This city consists small streets equipped with bars and stores with local delicacies. Known for the Belgian beer, you will experience the true craft of beers here.

Douro cruises: from Portugal to Spain

The river Douro is known through the Douro Valley, which is famous for its grapes that Port wines are made of. You will head-off your journey from Porto, the ancient harbour city with a variety of well-known sights. A good example of this is the Livraria Lello bookshop, which inspired the library from the Harry Potter books and movies.

When leaving the urban area, you will experience the valley with its beautiful nature and sites. Another point of interest is the Carrapatelo dam, a very impressive one with an inside lock of 35 meters! The journey will lead you to the Spanish Salamanca, where you can experience Spanish food and culture at its best.

Cruising the French Rhone

This cruise has been off the chart for being among the best river cruises Europe for some time. Why? This is a mystery! The cruise through the Rhone brings you to the provinces of Provence and Burgundy. Two beautiful provinces that are filled with landmarks and nature and home to some of the greatest wines of France. During the cruise, you will visit numerous vineyards and taste local foods and wines that go with. You will also visit the city of Lyon and the medieval village of Avignon. If you want to experience the true France, this cruise should be on your list.