Choosing a Destination for Your Out of Town Event

Planning any event, particularly when it’s going to be out of town, involves a lot of critical elements. Among the factors that must be considered, the destination is a top priority. Where you host your event can mean the difference between success and failure. It sets the tone for the day and should appeal to the interests and needs of your guests. 

Selecting a destination for your event goes beyond simply picking a location and putting down a deposit. You need to consider things like the number of attendees, event theme, accessibility, and the availability of services like catering and entertainment. Below, are some factors to consider as you narrow down options for your next corporate event.


At the very top of the list of things to consider is affordability. How much of a budget do you have to spend on the event? More, importantly, how much will your attendees have to dish out to attend? You have to consider the cost of their travel, hotel accommodations, and local transportation costs. Choosing a destination that’s more pricey means that fewer guests are able to attend. So, you want to try and stick with locations that are affordable for all. If you really don’t have much of a budget to work with, however, you could research sites like and get a short-term loan to use to boost your budget.

Event Purpose

Whichever destination you choose for your event you want it to fit into the purpose of the occasion. A wellness retreat or a girl’s trip, for example, would be best hosted in a hotel with lots of amenities. A bridal shower or milestone birthday party should be held in a ballroom or hall. 


Unless you’re choosing a destination that’s within driving distance, your attendees will need a place to rest their heads. Some cities, however, don’t have as many hotel accommodations as others. When thinking of where you’d like to host your event, be sure that there are several sleeping accommodations in varying budget ranges for your guests to check into. The rooms should also be clean, safe, and provide basic amenities.


Selecting a destination that is too far for your attendees could result in a small turnout. As you think about the best place to host your corporate event, keep accessibility in mind. Choose someplace that is neutral to your guests for easy travel. If your guests are going to travel far, however, make sure you choose a venue near the airport, bus station, or a center city so they can easily get where they need to be.

Professional Services

You can’t very well expect to pull off a successful event without the assistance of others. As you decide on a destination for your next event you need to look into the quality and availability of professional services. What restaurants in the area offer catering services that are best suited for the event? Will you need a wait staff or security to keep attendees safe? Does the event call for a DJ or guest speaker? 

Things to Do

Whether you’re hosting a retreat, shower, or a birthday party, your event won’t run all day. During those down times, your attendees are going to want to do things to enjoy themselves. Choosing a destination in a small town or suburb where there are no other activities outside the hotel rooms would be a mistake. It is best instead to choose a tourist-friendly destination with lots of activities to entertain guests. 

When your guests receive their invitations to attend your event, the first thing they’re going to look at is where it’s being held. The destination is, by far, one of the most critical parts of planning a successful out of town event. Whether you decide to host a 3-day retreat in Fort Lauderdale, a conference in New York City, or a networking event in San Diego, these tips will certainly help you narrow down your options.