Guide For a Perfect Road Trip

Road trips are fun and can provide you a memorable experience. Foregoing planning is not a good idea for a road trip. A little planning in advance can make your journey more smooth and easy. If you are traveling with family, friends or traveling alone here are some of the tips we have for you to keep in mind.

Google Maps – Have google maps on your phone. While leaving from home, add the final destination and figure out the route you want to take and how much time it will take to reach your final destination. One wrong turn on the way can increase your time of travel. Also, ensure you have enough data and battery on your phone.

Travel Route – Highways can help you to reach your destination early. Figure out the travel route before leaving your house and keep buffer time in hand for unplanned detours. Double check the routes with the locals if you are not sure about the directions.

Travel Light – For enough leg room space in the car pack light. Also, while packing your bags carry one emergency kit where you have a first aid kit, torch, flashlight and a roadside safety kit. As you don’t want the car to be dirty, carry wet wipes, trash bags, paper soap, sanitizers, hand towels etc.

Vehicle Serviced – Get the car or your two-wheeler serviced before leaving. You don’t want to be stuck on the road with a flat tire. Check the fuel, engine, breaks, light, coolant, and make sure the vehicle is in the proper working condition. Also, carry one tool kit with the spare tire. If you are traveling with the family, kids activate the child locks for kids and download the personal security apps for safety purposes.

Clothing – As your road trip journey can be for long hours or for a day we suggest comfort clothing. Who likes to wear skinny tight clothes and sit in a car for 8-9 hours. Wear something comfortable and light.

Snacks & Water – Keep some snacks handy like sandwiches, dry fruits so that you don’t have to stop at every food station on the way. Carry enough water bottles for everyone in the car with reusable glasses.

Music Playlist – Music and road trips work well together. Create a playlist of songs you want to listen to during your travel journey.

Camping – If you have plans to stay and sleep in a car and save on staying in hotels, prefer carrying a tent.

Travel Gadgets – Equip your car with some travel gadgets like car seat gap filler, back seat car organizer, roadside rescue emergency kit, car perfume etc.

Personal Safety App – Also, download the personal safety app while traveling anywhere. In case of any emergency or any unforeseen situation, you can share your live location with your close friends and family. You can also check out The UrSafe personal safety app.  

Be safe, take lots of pictures and last don’t forget to enjoy the journey