Hill Stations Near Chandigarh For Exhilarating Vacations

For those who seek an escape away from urban cities to the mountains from time to time, Chandigarh is quite the perfect location to reside. This North-Indian city offers the convenience of staying in a metropolitan city and proximity of several hill stations. The amalgamation of both the atmospheres makes Chandigarh the ideal destination.

From Uttarakhand to Himachal, Chandigarh is the gateway to may verdant and lofty hills. When life gets trapped in the vicious circle of the corporate life, escaping to these spellbinding and tranquil destinations rejuvenates the mind and keeps sanity intact. Mentioned below are a few exquisite hill stations near Chandigarh for exhilarating vacations:


Nahan is a quaint and little hamlet perched on the Himalayan ranges.  This majestic hill station is an exquisite destination boasting pristine nature. Amidst serene lakes and historic shrines, it exudes an aura that attracts backpackers from around the country. Zealous trekkers and hikers swarm in to this place owing to the adventurous experiences. People living in or near Chandigarh visit this place often to rejuvenate their mind and soul. There are beautiful places to stay here just like resorts in Chandigarh.

Morni hills

Located in the Shivalik range, Morni hills is a gem of Haryana. Surrounded my mountain ranges, this auspicious place is gifted with picturesque landscapes and a subtle climate. Witnessing a beautiful sunrise while the hills remain covered under thick mist is truly a magical moment. Any nature enthusiast will surely fall in love with this magnificent view. Many adventure enthusiasts visit to enjoy trekking and rock climbing.


Barog’s enticing landscapes are a treat to the eyes. The lush green surroundings covered in mist appear magnificent. You can also enjoy the incredible view of Solan Valley from there. Moreover, the enriching flora and fauna of Barog adds to the beauty of the place. It is also known as the “mountain of the silver bangle”. This is because when the snow covered mountain ranges shine under the moonlight, it appears as if icy, silver bangles are sliding down the mountain ranges in the night.


Been to Kasol? Well, this time, visit Kasauli. Located near Chandigarh, this quaint hill station manifests the true beauty of nature. In the Solan district of Himachal, this rustic town is known for its elusive charm and picturesque landscapes. This small little paradise hidden in the mountains is an escape for many people dwelling in metropolitan cities. You can visit the Monkey Point that offers a panoramic view of the forests of horse chestnut and Himalayan oak. Atop a hill, a small shrine is located devoted to Lord Hanuman. Many tourists visit this place to enjoy the adventure, if not for religious purpose. Further, the Gilbert Nature Trail nearby amidst lush green surroundings attracts many birds and birdwatchers.


Located in the Parvati valley, Kasol is a heaven on Earth. Known for its alluring vibe and hippie atmosphere, every year thousands of backpackers visit this place. The untouched beauty of nature seems unreal to the outsiders. Replete with cafes, the place offers very cheap accommodation as well. While few visit there for the unprecedented beauty, others find themselves there in search of the premium hashish. It is one of the many places in India where use of cannabis is common irrespective of the strict ban on this product in the country. Being a small hamlet, it does not have any hotel similar to the 5 star hotels near Chandigarh Airport. Only small cafes are available for accommodation.