How to Find out the Best Bars and Restaurants in Montreal?

Enjoying a relaxing day out at a bar and restaurant can go wrong if the place doesn’t offer what it promises: good food, good beers, good ambiance, and hospitality. If you’re planning a day out with family and friends too, and you still don’t know what the best place is, then this guide will certainly help you. It has tips and suggestions that will help you in finding out the best bar and restaurant in Montreal. Have a look! 

Focus on the Location 

Imagine, enjoying a day out with the sun at your back and a river flowing right next to you. Feels peaceful, doesn’t it? That’s why it’s important to focus on the location of the place. Some bars and restaurants like the Riverside bar st henri is located at the banks of the vast St Henri river. These are the types of properties you can plan a day out at because, one, they’re easy to find and two, they offer a picturesque scenic location. 

Talk to the Staff

Whether or not the place looks amazing, if the staff is rude, there’s no way that you’ll be able to enjoy it. The best way to judge how polite the staff is by calling them. So, call them to make a reservation instead of going to the bar directly. Ask a bit about the food, drinks, and location while booking a reservation. A patient staff will help you out in any which way they can. 

Find Out About the Fun Activities they Offer

First off, if you have a pet and you don’t want to leave it behind while you get to go out and relax, make sure that the place you’re going to is pet-friendly. Once you’re sure that your furry family member would be welcome too, dig a bit deeper and find out about the extra amenities like volleyball or basketball. Bear in mind, very few restaurants and bars in Montreal offer this service. If the one you’re planning to visit does, just book it already. 

Focus on the Menu 

A bar cannot be elite in the true sense if it doesn’t offer a vast selection of beers, cocktails, and hard liquor. Besides, the vast selection also means everybody will be able to afford some or the other drink. Whether you’re a group of college friends looking to have fun on a limited budget or someone with the taste for fine imported drinks, a premium bar will have many options for you. 

All in all, picking a place to relax with friends and family will be easy when you keep in mind all the tips we have listed above.