How to organize a bachelorette party and what are the rules?

The bachelorette party must be organized about 15 days before the wedding date. This way everyone will enjoy each moment with a lot of relaxation without worrying about the details. But it is necessary to be a little cautious when choosing a theme.

Bachelorette party decoration

If you are going to organize a bachelorette party in a ballroom or even at home, you will need to think about decorating the bachelorette party. Usually this is usually simple, but very creative and funny, with personalized bachelorette cups, tiaras and creative straws. It is quite easy to find sites that sell personalized products for bachelorette parties, but if you are a DIY type, you can customize balloons, cups and other party accessories. Another way to celebrate the party is Oakville Party Bus. Here, you don’t need to take care of each aspect. You can easily accommodate 40 to 60 people. Drinks, DJ, music, dance floor, LED lights, disco theme, foods, and much more, the party bus is the ideal choice at affordable prices.

Funny Bachelorette Party Ideas

The bachelorette party has as main characteristic the animation of the bride of her friends and godmothers. The atmosphere must be very relaxed and full of laughter. During the meeting the bride, who is the center of attention, must undergo a series of tests and games that will further amuse the occasion.

Phrases bachelorette

A bachelorette party needs fun phrases. Here are some creative phrase tips –

  • The bride is getting married and we are going to celebrate,
  • Love is in the bar,
  • The bride of the year,
  • Today has no diet,
  • We lost a soldier,
  • Keep Calm the bride is me.

Bachelorette party joke

If you chose to organize a traditional farewell, gather friends and godmothers to think about the bachelorette party games that will be held. A great option is the “questionnaire about the bride and groom”, which can be used in several ways – on the party, do the questionnaire with the groom and then during the celebration with the bride ask the same questions and if there are differences, a punishment is paid or a gift is won. For the more daring, the traditional hiring of a stripper is worth it. The intention is not to embarrass anyone, but to have fun. Pole dance or more sensual dances are also a guarantee of a lot of fun.

Care in the hen night

Although the organization of the bachelorette party should be relaxed, it is never too much to establish some rules to avoid unexpected upsets. This can imply decisions such as presence or absence of strippers or boys, alcoholic beverages, people you should or should not invite, situations that would make you feel uncomfortable, places that you could be in, and everything that you consider important. Nobody is at school anymore or in the last century, so don’t be afraid to say what is worth to you and be happy on this day too. If you are organizing your party then the options are many.