Planning a Trip to Ajmer, Here is what to know!

Weekends always bring the joy of exploring new places and doing something new. Ramping up your car and setting out on a road trip or just visiting a spot on the weekends is something you look forward to. India has no shortage of weekend getaways in its kitty. However, if you are looking out for an experience filled with heritage, royalty, and spirituality, then Ajmer is the place to be.

Ajmer: The Heritage and Spiritual Hub of Rajasthan

This bustling and chaotic city is easily accessible from Jaipur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar, New Delhi, and Agra. The picturesque and spiritual town is surrounded by the Aravalli hills and has plenty of Indo-Islamic architecture. Ajmer was founded by the Chauhan Dynasty in the 7th Century and is a blend of Hindu, Jain, and Islamic cultures. This city is an ideal place for a family getaway from Jaipur and other such cities.

Things to do in Ajmer

Visit the Shrine of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti

Ajmer Sharif Dargah or the shrine of Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti is one of the most important pilgrimage places for people of all faiths who believe in Sufism. Khwaja Muin-ud-din Chishti was the Sufi saint who founded the prime Sufi order, Chishtiya, in India. The Dargah is situated on the foothills of the Taragarh hills and is frequented by many believers.

Boating on the Ana Sagar Lake

Ana Sagar is an artificial lake that offers some beautiful views of the city. You can soak up the sunset or bask in the tranquility of the place on a boat ride here.

Revel in the legends of Adhai Din Ka Jhopra

The ruins of this mosque are situated on the outskirts of the town. It is one of the most exquisite pieces of architecture in Ajmer, which goes by the legend that it was built in just two and a half days.

Akbar Palace and Museum for History Buffs

Akbar’s Palace is one imposing sight of architecture in Ajmer. Built in 1570 by the emperor himself, this palace was originally built as a pleasure retreat and to keep an eye on the local chief. Now, only a part of the original palace remains. It now houses a museum that displays various aspects of the Mughal lifestyle.

Visit the Jain Soniji Ki Nasiyan Temple

Soniji Ki Nasiyan or the red temple is a Jain temple built in 1865. It has a double-storey temple hall with a shining golden diorama. The diorama has depictions of the Jain concept of the ancient worlds. It has carvings such as 13 continents and oceans, Ayodhya, the golden city, flying peacocks and elephant gondolas. It is one of the most elegant temples in Rajasthan and worth a visit.

Places to Stay in Ajmer

When it comes to accommodation, many resorts in Ajmer provide a royal staying experience. Of these, the Pratap Mahal, Ajmer – IHCL SeleQtions is situated right in the picturesque oasis of Ajmer. A treat to the sore eyes, Pratap Mahal, Ajmer is located right near the Pushkar Bypass and is set against the backdrop of the mighty Aravalli Hills. At Pratap Mahal, Ajmer hospitality is a priority. It makes you feel at home with the royal culture of Rajasthan.

Just a 25 minute walk away from the Kishangarh airport, Pratap Mahal, Ajmer is the ideal stay option for a weekend getaway. The sprawling 6-acre resort is the place to be for those who seek serenity and royalty. The rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan inspires the architecture. The rooms, such as Standard rooms, superior rooms, and deluxe suites, offer a view of the courtyard, and some have a sit-out balcony offering the magnificent view of the city. The interiors are in warm hues, and the rooms are equipped with ornate wooden furniture and jhoolas along with amenities such as workstations, 24-hour room service, high-speed internet, and Wifi, etc. This hotel in Ajmer also offers amenities such as a health club, steam bath and sauna, children’s activities, and even a fitness center.

When it comes to dining experiences at Pratap Mahal, Ajmer it is famous for turning simple meals into memorable meals. At the restaurant, Aravali, enjoy fresh local produce with a wide variety of regional culinary styles.

If you are also planning for a weekend getaway from Delhi, then Ajmer should be on your list. On the due course of this trip, you can stay at Pratap Mahal, Ajmer the 5-star resort in Ajmer, for your rendezvous with Rajasthani hospitality.