Sun Peaks Icewine Festival – A Wine Masters Dream

How Do Icewine Change From Other Wines?

Icewine differs business wines and spirits not just in taste, but additionally within the types of manufacture. The grapes in icewine are frozen over the vine inside the temperature of roughly -8 levels Celsius (17 °F) for roughly 36 hrs prior to being harvested and fermented. This can be frequently a very sensitive a part of producing icewine once the grapes don’t freeze quick enough, they may decompose. However, once the grapes become too frozen, juice can’t be extracted.

The famous sweetness inside the wine is determined by the freezing types of the grapes. If performed correctly, the sugars as well as other dissolved solids inside the grapes don’t freeze, nevertheless water can this produces a more concentrated and sweeter tasting wine. Since the whole process of production is extremely complicated and laborious, icewine takes longer to produce, is a lot more pricey and offered in smaller sized sized sized sized amounts than regular table wine.

Sun Peaks Icewine Festival

Sun Peaks Resort has located the Icewine Festival yearly since 1998. Held typically within the month in the month from the month of the month of january, this 5 day affair was produced to draw in visitors for your resort transporting out a vacation period. Forever, the festival has shown to obtain outstanding success attracting crowds of passionate wine tasters and connoisseurs each year.

Since the event platforms icewines within the BC’s top Okanagan wineries, it provides an excellent opportunity for local wineries presenting their product and promote their business. Dairy Maqui berries maqui berries maqui berries maqui berry farmers of Canada may also be frequently present in your wine festival hosting a couple of of their occasions. Visitors can also enjoy many Aged Goudas, Blue Cheese and much more while strolling throughout Sun Peaks village tasting icewine as well as other treats.

Past Icewine Festival agendas have incorporated occasions for instance:

Sun Peaks Wine & Dine

Taste of Sun Peaks

Al You Will Need is Cheese… for Dessert

Icewine & Anything

Sinful Chocolate & Heavenly Wine

Taste the Aromas of Coffee & Wine with Starbucks

The Sun’s Sun sun sun rays Peaks Progressive Tasting

Medal Winners Tasting