Valuable Tips for Travelling to Vancouver

Vancouver is the largest city in western Canada and a gateway for many tourists and Canadians who come home. It is a very attractive city for those looking for a place to spend a few weeks of rest or even to take root and settle: It is one of the places that offer the best quality of life, in an environment where its growing cultural life is organically integrated with an enviable natural landscape.

If you are planning a trip to Canada, Vancouver you can book on this website your flight. It is a very good starting point to visit other places in the country and get to know the best face of Canadians. In this article, we give you 7 valuable tips to avoid crucial mistakes and have a good first experience.

Get Informed before Traveling

Summer is the sunniest time of the year, but Vancouver in autumn has an irresistible charm for the most romantic. You must bear in mind that during this time the city is rainy and humid, so your clothes should be according to its climatic conditions.

Respect the City

Vancouver is a city founded on an indigenous site, which to this daycare about the environment. This means that in Vancouver, tourists have to follow the rules to the letter and simple infractions such as not throwing the garbage in the authorized dumps can carry heavy fines.

Start with the Right Foot

It is always good that the first contact with the city is to walk it, even if they are small walks because it will allow us to get an idea of ​​the place where we are now tourists. In the case of Vancouver, the Waterfront is a good starting point. It is a walk along the river and from where you can enjoy good views of the mountains that line the horizon along the north shore. During this walk, you will pass by the famous steam clock, one of the most famous monuments in the city.

Locate the Green Areas and the Red Areas

Vancouver is a very safe city, as is the rest of Canada. There are parts like North Vancouver, surrounded by nature, where you can go to cross its suspension bridge over the Capilano River. The city, in general, has endless parks, gardens and green areas in general. Some of the most interesting are Stanley Park and Dr. SuYat-Sen Chinese Garden.

Try their Sushi (and other Food)

There is an urban legend that Vancouver is the city outside of Japan where the best sushi can be eaten. Although there is no scientific evidence to support or deny this theory, be sure to try this delicious dish on your visit to the city.

Climb Grouse Mountain

We were talking previously that one of the great attractions of the city is the nature that surrounds it. This mountain is the most accessible, although to get to it the most comfortable option is to pay for a gondola that climbs you (44 Canadian dollars, approximately) or to make the way on foot, although it is not easy at all. Above are some captive bear shows that are recovering in this area, in addition to the enviable views of the city.

Hockey, Hockey, Hockey

Canada’s national sport is hockey, a sport that arouses as many passions among Canadians as soccer arouses among Brazilians, Argentines or Spaniards. The home team is the Vancouver Canucks, which compete in the NHL (National Hockey League), the national hockey league. Tickets are a bit expensive, but if you like sports they also have the option to see the Vancouver Giants, another local team that plays in the national league, whose tickets are more accessible.