What are the Documents Required for Kuwait Attestation?

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Kuwait and India enjoy friendly relations that are rooted in the history of both the nation. Close physical proximity, open trade links, cultural affinities, and the presence of a vast number of Indians working in Kuwait help in nurturing this long-standing relationship. It is the reason why more and more Indians are migrating to Kuwait for jobs and business. To travel and stay in Kuwait worry-free, proper Kuwait Embassy attestation of documents is mandatory.   

Why is Kuwait Document Attestation Required?

You might need Kuwait attestation services for many different reasons. It is important to get an attestation from proper authorities to ensure that your documents are valid in Kuwait, and there are no legal issues. It is a part of the affirmation that the person holding the document is genuine, and there is no ill intention for visiting Kuwait. The Kuwait Embassy attestation process makes the documents valid in Kuwait. 

  • For obtaining visas, including tourist visa, resident visa, employment visa, family visa, visa status change, and others. 
  • For school or university admission
  • For professional or job change
  • For opening a bank account
  • To appear for health examination
  • To get right over a property in the home country
  • To get Birth registration
  • To get Medical allowance
  • For Passport application by a single parent
  • To start a new business
  • To receive a residence visa

Documents to be submitted for Kuwait Attestation

For the Kuwait Embassy attestation, you will be required to submit all the necessary documents depending on the purpose of the attestation. Some of the common documents that you may be asked to submit are as follows –

For Attestation of Educational and Personal Documents by Kuwait Embassy  

  • Original documents that need to be attested
  • One photocopy of each of those documents
  • One photocopy of passport
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Embassy’s fee by means of bank draft

For Attestation of Commercial Documents by Kuwait Embassy  

  • Original documents attested by the respective State Chamber of Commerce under the name and seal of the Attesting Officer along with the Seal of the Chamber of Commerce
  • One photocopy of all the documents
  • One covering letter addressed directly to the Embassy
  • Embassy’s fees by means of bank draft per document that is determined after checking the purpose of the documents

The time required for Kuwait Embassy attestation will vary. While some can be attested within a week, some might need about a month or even more. The time required will depend on the nature of the document and the number of working days available during the process. 

How to get Documents Attested by Kuwait Embassy?

Kuwait Embassy attestation is a complex process and needs attention to detail. Handling the entire process on your own can lead to high expenses, unnecessary delays, and mistakes. Thus, it is best to hire a professional provider to handle the entire attestation process from start to finish. The top service providers will ensure that the documents are attested safely while minimizing delays and rejection by the concerned authorities.