What is it like to visit Japan during the summer, a magnificent season?

Traveling to Japan in the summer can be difficult due to the oppressive heat and humidity, but it is also a period of magnificent festivals and fireworks. Next, you will know about the personal motives for visiting the nation during this time of year. You can be confident that there are many more. It can be hoped that they can persuade you to visit in summer in japan!

Summer celebrations

If festivals or matsuri are always a terrific reason to visit Japan, summer festivals or natsu matsuri are even more so. In the summer festivals, you can enjoy traditional dances (such as the Awa Odori in Tokushima or the Sansa Odori in Morioka), traditional percussion music taiko and flutes was, hallucinate with parades of traditional floats and costumes (such as the great floats of the Gion Matsuri in Kyoto, the illuminated floats of the Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori, or the stunts with lanterns of Kan

Fireworks and major fireworks competitions are another feature of Japanese summer, which towns and cities organise to mark the beginning of summer and in which different pyrotechnics are used. They compete to see who can put on the biggest and finest fireworks display, complete with spectacular and unique colours and shapes.

The flavours of kakigori and ice cream

In the summer, it is extremely hot, so you always want a good ice cream, and what better than flavoured ice creams (such as sweet potato from Kawagoe or matcha from Kyoto or Uji, for example) or ice cream with crushed ice from flavours or kakigori, delicious crushed ice slushies with various coloured and flavoured syrups?

During the humid Japanese summer, kakigori can be found everywhere, from coffee cafes, where they happen to be offered frequently in a somewhat more sophisticated way, with azuki red bean paste, condensed milk, or even tapioca to street stalls. You only need to look for the white and blue flag with the character for ice in red to know which kakigori happens to be available there.

Drinks that are refreshing and flavorful

Because it will be quite hot in the summer and will want to drink every two to three hours, it is preferable to have a lot of variety, right? That’s one of the benefits of visiting Japan in the summer: you can drink a thousand and one different drinks without having to repeat ourselves if you don’t want to. You can’t repeat a single day, from soft drinks with peculiar flavours in Spain to isotonic drinks of all kinds and yogurt-based drinks like Calpis, as well as limited summer editions if you don’t want to!

Fuji Mountain

Mount Fuji is Japan’s most famous and admired mountain. Although you may never see it in the summer because it is hidden behind a haze of humidity and heat, the months of July and August are the only ones when you can climb to the top and enjoy the spectacular views from there.

Without a doubt, visiting Japan in the summer allows us to partake in one of the most unique activities available: climbing to the summit of Mount Fuji itself. You can’t dispute that it’s an enticing explanation.