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Exciting Travel Tips for Japan: What You Should Know Before You Embark on Your Adventure!

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With the right paperwork and planning, anyone can get a Japanese visa

This is a great reason to plan a autumn tour japan! Great news! Japan allows visitors with Western passports to enter the country without a visa for up to 90 days. Citizens of the European Union and other Western nations can enjoy up to three months of visa-free entry to Japan! Check this out! We have yet to encounter any bureaucratic hurdles that would prevent us from visiting Turkmenistan. The japan tours blog is a great resource where you can find all the information you need and even more!

Discovering the best ways to get around Japan can be an exciting adventure!

The train ticket may seem expensive, but it’s worth the cost for the convenience and experience. Discover how much money you can save by using a Japan Rail Pass instead of buying separate train tickets on the Hyperdia website! You’ll be able to see the schedule and costs for each trip! You will soon find out the cost of a single admission. You’ll be able to enjoy the convenience and affordability of travelling by train throughout Japan with a Japan Rail Pass! You can easily buy the pass online before your journey to Japan. Great news! You can have it conveniently delivered to your home by simply going online, filling out a form, and paying for the service. You have the opportunity to purchase it right here!

Japan’s staircases offer a unique and interesting perspective on architecture and design.

The escalators here are definitely worth mentioning! In France, people have a clear understanding of stairway etiquette. Those who are going up stand on the left, while those who are not moving stand on the right. It’s interesting to learn that different countries have unique norms regarding which side of the road pedestrians should stand on.


In Japan, finding WiFi hotspots when abroad may require a bit more effort compared to Korea, but they are still available. It’s great that they prioritise safety by rarely having open WiFi networks. Once you step outside the hotel, you will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the surroundings without any distractions from the Internet. You have two great options: either enjoy being unplugged while you’re outdoors or rent a hotspot to stay connected!