Is Pizza Nutritious and Good for Health?

Pizza in general, is a flatbread with tomato and cheese as the topping and baked in an oven. There are other food materials like meats, vegetables and condiments which are also used as the topping on the pizza. Pizza is available everywhere across the world, and you can get a portion or full pizza both in the form of fresh as well as frozen as per your requirement. Pizza is normally considered as fast food particularly in Europe and North America and popularly prepared through regional types and ingredients. However, Mozzarella cheese is one of the common ingredients preferred in making pizzas everywhere and are very popular in different occasions of celebrations and on the day to day consumption as well. Order your favourite pizza from Double Pizza restaurant in Montreal for the best delicious taste as well as for healthy and nutritious consumption.

Approximately, a pizza slice contains healthy minerals such as 201 mg of calcium, 26 mg of magnesium, 2.65 mg of iron, 231 mg of potassium, 1.43 mg of zinc, 640 mg of sodium, 0.112 mg of copper, 21.3 ug of selenium and 0,385 mg of manganese. Similarly, it is also rich in vitamins such as 0.147 mg of thiamine, 4.093 mg of niacin, 0.209 mg of vitamin B2, 0.086 mg of pyridoxine, 56 ug of folic acid, 100 ug of folate, 17.5 mg of choline, 105 mg of vitamin C etc.

Pizza is healthy with maximum fat and other healthy ingredients. The tomato which is essentially used in pizza has lycopene which is one of the anti-oxidant that helps to prevent various types of cancer. Similarly, olive oil is another essential component of pizza which helps in reducing LDL cholesterol. It also helps to increase HDL cholesterol which prevents different kinds of heart complications. The Mozzarellas cheese which is generally required to make all types of pizza contains a high amount of protein, sodium, fats and calcium. The garlic is used extensively in all types of pizza and garlic contains manganese, vitamin C and selenium. Similarly, the oregano which is popularly used in pizza has a high amount of manganese, vitamin K and fiber.

The energy supply components in pizza are highly required for the health of people irrespective of age and gender. The sugar component in pizza with vitamin B1 helps oxidizing usable energy. It further plays a key role in the enzyme system. Thiamin is another component which helps in enzyme function.