Morocco’s gorgeous virtues, and flaws.

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There’s no doubt that Morocco is amazing. There’s nothing more calming than a serene camel ride in the desert. The scenery sunrises and sunsets offer will make you feel soul-cleansed.

Morocco is like any other country on earth, you’ll find less than decent places – and people.

There are many concerns in Morocco. Same as any other North African, Muslim country, there are hurdles.

Issues like safety, health, water and food, crime, and drugs all stand in the face of Morocco’s further development.

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“ I do not like mosquitoes.”

Morocco is virtually a malaria-free country. Those who are travelling should not be majorly concerned. Mosquito bites won’t cause much harm. But, taking safety precautions is always wise. Keep yourself protected by wearing lightly-coloured clothes in case you’re travelling in warmer months, and also make sure to use insect repellents.

Although vaccines aren’t required to enter the country, it’s wise to have your polio and tetanus vaccines in order.

To those who are thinking “You can never be too safe.”, we hear you. It’s actually recommended to have Typhoid and Hepatitis A and B vaccines.

Once again, this is us being way too safe. Which is never a bad idea. Tourists should not have a dominant concern about health when visiting Morocco.