Royal Holiday Vacation Club: Committed To Guest Safety

People are trying to resume normal activities as much as possible, and traveling is a time-honored way to enjoy new experiences and activities. Travel and tourism are essential parts of most countries’ economies, and many people have been planning and saving for vacations to exciting areas for several years. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club is committed to guest safety during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Steps Royal Holiday Takes to Ensure Your Safety

When you leave a shared public area, staff members jump to clean and disinfect the areas for the next guests. Staff members wear face masks to prevent being infected or infecting others, and guests are carefully monitored for sickness and symptoms of the Coronavirus. The club’s all-inclusive resort guests will find their pillows, blankets, and in-room tablets in vacuum packaging, and single-use safety sleeves are being developed for remote controls, handsets, etc.

Each room or suite is cleaned more thoroughly than ever, but guests staying multiple days might receive fewer cleanings as an additional protective measure. The staff is carefully vetted and tested regularly, and anyone sick isn’t allowed to work. The temperature of each staff member is taken before each work shift.

Communal Spaces, Dining and Entertainment

Buffets are becoming a rare benefit because of Coronavirus concerns. In most of the Royal Holiday properties, buffets have been discontinued. However, some buffets continue to operate, but a masked staff member serves the food. Seating plans have been reworked to allow more space for social distancing, and many diners eat outdoors or take advantage of room or delivery service. In most cases, the delivery person simply knocks and leaves the food. Guests can pay on their tablets or house accounts.

Most properties have curtailed social events and limited pool occupancy so that guests can maintain an appropriate distance from non-family members. Reservations for tennis courts, massages, spas and other amenities must be made well in advance. Hours are limited, and time must be allowed for deep cleaning and sanitation between guest appointments. Many activities and sports are canceled or operated at reduced capacity.

Miscellaneous Cleaning and Programs for Your Safety

Room service menus are limited to online menus or paper menus. Bars often eliminate stools to allow more room between patrons. Customers pay dining and bar bills at tableside using sanitized tablets or mobile credit card terminals.

 Staying Healthy

The goal of the Royal Holiday Vacation Club is a healthy vacation without the spread of the virus attributable to the facilities. Wiping out the virus is doable with the right attitude, and giving up a vacation of a lifetime isn’t necessary, at least at Royal Holiday properties. The threat of 2019-nCoV is manageable if guests follow the rules and practice social distancing.

Royal Holiday Vacation Club follows all the latest recommendations for safety by the World Health Organization, or WHO. It’s also vital to self-monitor to prevent the spread of the infection. Symptoms of Coronavirus include:

  • Elevated temperature
  • Runny nose
  • Coughing
  • Congestion
  • Diarrhea and constipation
  • Loss of energy
  • Other flu-like symptoms

Together, you and Royal Holiday Vacation Club can plan and execute a perfect vacation that just might be more memorable because of more personal guest attention and reduced crowds at top attractions. Governments around the world are considering stimuli like travel vouchers to get people traveling. Royal Holiday makes the process as safe and secure as possible for its guests. The club also provides a list of things that guests can do to reduce potential exposure to the virus.