The Best Hotel Recommendation with Borobudur Temple View

The Borobudur Temple is one of the places where the tourism site is, especially during the Christmas and New Year holidays. However, just visiting the temple of Borobudur, is a shame. The surrounding area has many attractions that offer the beauty and charm of the surrounding hill field. Therefore, staying in a hotel near Borobudur Temple is a good option. There are many hotels with an atmosphere close to nature.  These are five recommended hotels around the Borobudur temple which can be your references.

1.    Manohara Resort

Manohara Resort is located right in the backyard of Borobudur Temple. Interestingly, the rooms you book include the free pass to the temple during normal business hours. This complex is very distinctive and very characteristic of contemporary Java architecture, and is surrounded by a green garden. In addition, the facilities provided are just as interesting.

2.    Amata Borobudur Resort

Amata Borobudur Resort is an alternative for all who want to stay in the Borobudur area.  This complex is very close to Borobudur Temple and Mondot Temple, reaching the temple area in about 5 minutes by bicycle. It is 31.3 kilometers from Jogja Shopping Center and 34.3 kilometers from Malioboro.

3.    Villa Borobudur Resort

Villa Borobudur Resort is located in Pete Village, Majaksingi, Borobudur, Magelang. It is not too far from the temple of Borobudur and only about 10 minutes away by car. The attraction of this resort is not only satisfying because of its strategic location and its Villa facilities.  However, it is also provides a lot of cultural and artistic activities, adventures, history and health on offer, such as visits to Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Sewu Temple, Plaosan Temple, Ratu Boko Temple, cooking classes on traditional Javanese cuisine, rafting on the Elo River, hiking in  Menoreh Hill, Merapi Jeep Safari Tour, climbing to Suroloyo Peak, Selogriyo Temple, or climbing in the Mount Sumbing area, and many other activities.  With prices starting at 2 million, you can already enjoy attractive hotel facilities and for an additional fee you can consider many interesting activities from where you are staying.

4.    Omah Borobudur

This hotel is very close to Borobudur Temple. It is only 800 meters from the temple entrance. You can lend a bicycle to book various Borobudur Temple activities through the tour operator available at the hotel.

5.    Plataran Heritage Borobudur Hotel

This 5-star hotel is 1.5 kilometers from Borobudur Temple. The place is located in Dusun Krete Karangrejo. Here you can enjoy the pool and other facilities. The attractive panorama of the Green Hills of Menoreh can be seen immediately from your room’s balcony.

6.    Amanjiwo

Amanjiwo is located in Badrawati street, Majaksingi village. The architecture of this hotel is designed with an element found in the Borobudur temple, as a selection of natural stone and interior design. It offers a luxurious installation of 5-stars. The rooms are aligned with the hotel and most of them have a private pool.

7.    Gopalan Hotel

Do you want to enjoy bathing in the pool while watching the propagation of rice fields? The Gopalan hotel is the right place. Located about 3 kilometers from the entrance of the Temple of Borobudur, this hotel offers comfortable traditional rooms.  The beauty of the natural panorama is presented directly in front of the room. The location is located in Gopalan village, Borobudur-Ngadiharjo street.

8.    The Nalaya Hotel & Resto

If you visit Borobudur and look for lodges at a very affordable price you can go to The Nalaya Hotel and Resto. This hotel, located in Jalan Balaputradewa, offers direct access to the pool in front of the hotel rooms. The hotel is only about 1.5 kilometers from the Borobudur Temple.

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