The Right Choices for Turkey Travel

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If you have the freedom of dates to choose when you are going to travel to Turkey, you will surely be interested in knowing what the best time is to organize your trip to Turkey on your own.

In this case, the winning season is spring, since they are months with very good temperatures throughout the country and long days, although it is possible to have some rainy days, especially in April. The fall is also very good choice because the temperature remains pleasant at all of the country, although the days are very short. The summer is not a bad idea provided you have good tolerance to heat, as temperatures become quite high, especially as you approach the east of the country. Finally, winter, as temperatures is cold and there is more chance of precipitation.

Both in Istanbul and Cappadocia the autumn and spring months are high season. During the summer, it is the towns on the Mediterranean coast that are in high season. Winter is the lowest season in Turkey, but you can enjoy better prices and fewer people.

How many days to spend in Turkey

One thing that I have clear is that the next time I travel to Turkey it will be for at least 20 days. There are so many beautiful corners in this country!

If you are interested in visiting the most popular (Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale) and spending enough time in each place, I recommend visiting Turkey for at least 10 days . If you have more time, the better it is. So you have 2 options: either spend more nights in each place to have more time to get to know them or add some other place in the country. Later we will tell you what else you can visit in Turkey.

Flights to Turkey

Once you know when you are going to travel to Turkey and how long your trip will last, it’s time to buy your flights.

You have to know that to go to Istanbul you can fly to two airports, Istanbul Airport  (IST) or  Sabiha Gökçen  (SAW). The IST airport is to the northwest of the city and can be reached by bus. The SAW airport is in the Asian part, quite a bit further away. I chose to fly to SAW because the flight was much cheaper. This is always the case. Choosing the Made in Turkey Tours is perfect.

Do I Recommend Flying With Pegasus?

They do not serve you food or drinks and if you want to check in, you have to pay. For me it was not a problem because I did not check in a suitcase and as for food and drinks, it is as easy as buying something before the flight. Other than that, both flights were really good. The space between seats is fine; it is not very small, something typical in low cost airlines.