Tips on travelling long distance with your dog

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Leaving your best friend behind when you head off on a long trip can be tough, but you know what, you don’t have to leave him behind at all. Taking your dog away with you can be great fun if you plan for the journey and ensure that your trip is as safe and comfortable as possible for everyone.

If you’re planning to travel with dogs over a long distance, here are a few things you need to know:

Keep Them Secure

It’s really important that you keep your pets safe when you’re travelling a long distance. There are a number of safe travel options available including doggy seatbelts or ventilated crates and carriers. If your dog loves travelling, a seatbelt should be enough, giving them the freedom to move around and enjoy the ride while keeping them, and you, safe. If, however, your dog is a nervous traveller, a crate or carrier might help them to feel more secure. Just make sure it’s big enough that they can lie down, sit or stretch out; the more comfortable they are the easier the journey will be.

Do a Practice Run

If your dog isn’t used to travelling in the car, you can’t expect him to be fine with a long-distance trip right off the bat. What you need to do is take him out on lots of shorter drives, gradually building up the time spent in the car, until he’s comfortable on the move.

Don’t Feed on the Move

When travelling, it’s better to feed your dog when they aren’t moving as their digestion could be affected otherwise and they may be sick. Start by feeding them their favourite puppy food UK brand 3 or 4 hours before you head out and then ensure you can schedule a stop to feed them again later on if they eat more than one meal a day.

Don’t Leave Them Alone

Leaving your dog alone in the car is a big no-no especially if it is very hot or cold because they could very quickly be affected by the temperature causing and could die in extreme situations. If you do need to nip into a service station, make it quick and crack the window if it’s hot, but any longer than that, take them with you.

Pack a Kit

It’s a really good idea to pack a pet travel kit when you travel with dogs. This should include food and water bowls, food, medication, a first aid kit, your dog’s leash and any travel documentation that is required. You should also pack blankets and a few of your pet’s favourite toys to keep him entertained during the drive.

Chip and Tag

Before you travel, make sure your dog is chipped and wearing a tag featuring up-to-date information. That way, if he does get lost far away from home, you can find him quickly.

Travelling long distance with your dog can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! If you follow the advice above, stay calm and enjoy being with your furry friend, you’ll have a blast.