Top Five Romantic Places to visit in China

Romance is an integral part of our lives. Couples are always looking out for places where they can enjoy some quality time and undertake some romantic activities together, and traveling is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your partner.

Here we have collected some of the best romantic places in China to make your honeymoon journey unforgettable. These sensational places share one thing in common: a gorgeous backdrop tailor-made for romance.

  • Dali

Dali is known as one of the best honeymoon destinations, offers you natural beauty alongside cultural and historical sites that will amaze you during your honeymoon. Discover china with your partner, as Dali has mountain and lake vistas, laid back ambiance, charming cafes, and mysterious temples and its natural ambiance. It also offers couples boat trips across Erhai Lake, shops in the colorful markets, or enjoy the Three Cups of Tea service in a traditional teahouse. Dali also offers Jade cloud travelers path, its ride in a cable car that makes things easier, it’ll give you a moment to explore the whole things from the above without getting tired.

  • Jiuzhaigou

Discover China during your honeymoon vacation, Jiuzhaigou is famous nature reserve and national park in Asia. If you are an adventurous couple or you just love culture, making Jiuzhaigou the destination of your honeymoon, will fulfil all your expectations. This place is full of natural beauty and adventurous places and is enriched with lakes, colorful forests, valleys, and mesmerizing waterfalls. It is also known as ‘Nine Village-Valley’. It has Shuzheng Valley, Xiniu Lake, Reed Lake,  Shuzheng Village,  Shuzheng Waterfall, Luorilang Waterfall in Jiuzhaigou. Mirror Lake, Five Flowers Lake, Panda Lake. But according to china tourism, on the must-go attractions list of Jiuzhaigou is the Jiuzhaigou National Park that has attracted many tourists every year.

  • Sanya

Sanya’s culture is revolved around the water. Sanya is full of a beautiful bay, luxury hotels, beaches with white sand. Sanya is famous for its seafood. Couples can enjoy the local spa, or opt for the traditional Chinese body treatments and have a great time with the tropical climate and the pristine beaches of Sanya. Couples can take long walks on the beach and have romantic dinners, all within the privacy of resorts.

  • Shangri-La

Shangrila is an area of great spiritual and cultural significance. It is a genuinely charming destination for honeymoon and china tourism in Yunnan that attracts a significant number of tourists from home and aboard every year. Discover China in Shangri-La as it is home to thrilling sceneries with breathtaking views that china has and these views can spice up your romantic life with your partner. The place offers couples a complete fairytale setting complete with full of sacred snow mountains, deep and serene gorges, crystal lakes, endless grassland, mysterious ethnic villages. A drive with your partner through the Shangri-La countryside is a must.

  • Yangshuo

This place is worthy of a honeymoon vacation. It is a good idea to travel to small-town Yangshuo for your Honeymoon vacation. It offers traditional Chinese architecture, clear rivers. Couples can wander in the famous West Street or have bamboo rafting along the Yulong River or cruise Li River, as Yangshuo is home to the famous Li River. Li River is a perfect place for couples seeking outdoor fun and natural beauty, and enjoy the beautiful nature and two-person world.