What Do You Need To Know About Travel Insurance Singapore With Covid-19 Coverage?

Short-term travellers who are not completely immunised and are obliged to have travel insurance for their COVID-19-related medical care and hospitalisation expenditures in Singapore should ensure that their policy has comprehensive insurance of S$30,000.

In Singapore, COVID-19-related medical care and hospitalisation expenditures for short-term visitors who are completely vaccinated are not covered by the requirement that they carry travel insurance. This exemption also applies to minors under 12 who have not been fully vaccinated. However, travellers are still strongly recommended to ensure adequate coverage through travel insurance since they will be responsible for paying for their medical expenses if the insurance coverage is insufficient.

Before departing for Singapore, tourists are encouraged to acquire travel insurance covid from any company operating in their home nation or area that specialises in offering these kinds of policies.

What are the circumstances you need insurance for?

Medical costs

If you have been immunised and are otherwise healthy, you should only experience moderate symptoms if you get a Covid-19 infection.

However, having coverage for Covid-19 medical bills is still crucial, regardless of how minor or serious the situation may be. This is true whether the situation involves something as easy as an outpatient appointment with a professional or as severe as admittance to the hospital.

In addition, visitors from other countries are required by several VTL nations to have travel insurance that provides at least the minimum insurance policy for Covid-19 medical care. Before you are allowed to board the plane, you will often be required to show your document.

Trip cancellation

Visitors must pass a pre-departure test before leaving Singapore. If your test comes back positive, it is quite likely that you will be required to cancel your vacation.

Cancellation protection for trips provides financial compensation for the loss of deposits or fees that cannot be refunded, such as transportation, lodging, and admission to tourist destinations.

In most cases, you will need to provide evidence that you approached the retailer to process the refund and that they declined your request. If the retailer is willing to reimburse you for a fraction of your expenses, your travel insurance policy will not cover that portion.

However, trip cancellation insurance will not reimburse you for your losses if you are scared off from traveling because of quarantine regulations or travel warnings.

Some travel insurance policies may also include coverage for trip postponement. This type of coverage, which differs from cancellation coverage in that it reimburses you for the costs associated with delaying your trip rather than cancelling it, may be included in certain policies.

A few things you must know about travel insurance in Singapore with Covid-19 coverage are:

  • Overseas expenses cover insurance: Your vacation can be cancelled or rescheduled without additional costs if you have travel insurance. Other than that, it will only cover events outside of Singapore.
  • In other words, you can make a claim with your travel insurance company if you need medical care overseas for a Covid-19 infection that was identified on the outside.
  • However, after returning to Singapore from a foreign country, if you are diagnosed with Covid-19, you must submit a claim to your normal health insurance company for medical treatment obtained while you were in Singapore.
  • Although the Singaporean government is currently paying for the medical expenses associated with Covid-19 for fully vaccinated Singaporeans, permanent residents, and holders of long-term passes, there is an exception for individuals who screened positive for Covid-19 in less than fourteen days of their stay in Singapore.
  • Nevertheless, these people will still be eligible for government subsidies and insurance coverage in the appropriate situations. According to the Ministry of Health, the median acute hospital bill for patients who end up in the intensive care unit and require Covid-19 therapeutics is $25,000. However, means-tested government subsidies and MediShield Life coverage can reduce the bill to approximately $2,000 to $4,000 for eligible Singaporeans hospitalised in subsidised wards.

Mandatory Quarantine:

  • Changing restrictions, official recommendations against travel, and closures of border crossings are not often grounds for claiming trip cancellation, despite the fact that these events may be unpleasant.
  • The majority of insurance will only cover trip cancellation in the event if you, a traveling partner, or a member of your family tests positive for Covid-19 before boarding.
  •  While it is sad that you will have to spend valuable time abroad in quarantine, the insurer’s primary concern is not with that particular issue.

It is important to keep in mind that your travel insurance will not compensate you if new quarantine regulations or border closures disrupt your vacation. There are numerous advantages of getting travel insurance in Singapore.


Before the release of COVID-19, traveling internationally without adequate travel insurance was already a very risky endeavour; to continue down this path after the release of COVID-19 was a terrible decision. So make the correct travel insurance promotion comparison and choose the plan that suits you best.