Why You Cannot Miss Paris Walking Tours When Visiting France

The term City of Love and Romance has for many years been associated with Paris. You do not need to read about it in books and reports anymore. It is time to experience the thrill that makes this great city unrivaled, through a walking tour. Here is what to expect from Paris walking tour.

Midnight in Paris Movie Tour: A Stylish Way to Step Back in Time  

In this guided tour, you will have the opportunity to look back at Paris in the roaring twenties. You will enjoy a set of movies and experience the thrill of top film locations such as the Latin Quarter, and Polidor Restaurant. This location was an inspiration for top directors including Woody Allen for his film, Midnight in Paris. And, this is not all!

The walking tour will give you the opportunity to roll back in time, like the heroes in the film Midnight in Paris, to meet legendary writers of the time such as Cole Porter and Pablo Picasso. This is the most enjoyable way to learn the history of Paris.

Experience the Lesbians of the Left Bank 1900-1940

In the first half of the twentieth century, lesbian journalists, women of letters and journalists of the left bank (Odéon, Saint-Germain-des-Pres, Luxembourg) had a strong social network that greatly influenced the Parisian lifestyle. 

This guided walking tour will take you in the footsteps of some of the most influential lesbians of the time including Gertrude Stein and Alice Toklas, Nathalie Barney and Romaine Brooks, and others like Janet Flanner, and Eileen Gray. Well, what you see in Paris no doubt has connotations of the lesbians of the Left bank. 

Time to Discover Indian Culture and Spirituality in Paris

Your guided tour cannot be complete without experiencing Indian culture and spirituality. You will learn about the Hindu pantheon gods and the Sikhs’ sacred books.

At Shiva temple, you will experience the daily celebrations of pooja and share great moments with the Tamil community. In a different temple, the Sikh temple in Le Bourget, you will discover the Sikh music and devotional song. It will also be a great opportunity to taste their great chai tea and spicy delicacies. 

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