Guide on Buying the Best Domestic Travel Insurance

Planning a vacation, whether within the country or somewhere abroad is always exciting. However, in this excitement you forget that might face unexpected situations or emergencies like losing your baggage, wallet, or flight cancellations.  This can result in a costly mistake. To prevent yourself and your family from financial risks, you should go for a domestic travel insurance policy. The best part of taking the travel insurance is that it can cover all your non-medical as well as medical emergencies.

Why do you need domestic travel insurance?

Remember, even in a familiar region, things might go awry. A well-picked domestic travel insurance cover provides adequate financial protection for several unexpected situations when you are travelling and having fun with your dear ones. If you are planning to buy the travel insurance, it has to be for a certain minimum distance from your house for it to work. 

How to buy the best domestic travel insurance?

Whenever you are booking your travel tickets on a travel aggregator site, you can buy domestic travel insurance, provided that a travel aggregator has tied up with a reputed travel insurance company. Otherwise, it can be even bought separately from trusted insurance company offline or online.

Some important factors to keep in mind while buying domestic travel insurance:


  • Options


If you are a frequent traveler then it is better to buy an annual multi-trip travel insurance cover over a single trip. The former is more economical and is better than spending a lot of time and effort required in buying individual policies. This kind of policy can be bought to cover the buyer and members of his family such as parents, spouse and children as well.



  • Details


Note, for an online domestic travel insurance application, the age of family members to be covered has to be mentioned in the application form. Address and name of the people/person insured and the travel dates also have to be provided. Once you have given all the details; the premium is calculated accordingly. It can be paid easily online using credit card, net banking or e-wallets.


  • Restrictions


It is extremely important to check properly the age restrictions to cover family members in your travel policy. Note, that the senior citizens normally get travel insurance till the ages of 85 years, without going in for medical tests.

Additional points to note


  • It is very important to properly understand each policy product covered, which is offered to you by different insurers to you, so that you can choose the best option as per your requirement.
  • Customers can even add separate ‘pilgrimage cover’ or ‘pilgrimage’ rider if applicable. It covers other kinds of risk like loss of PAN, accident cover and other valuables.


If you are buying a domestic travel insurance with iSelect, you will be provided with the best, trusted and reputed insurance companies offering excellent domestic travel insurance policies. You will even get information about all services and your rights as a valued client of iSelect.