How to Collect Bus Tickets in Mexico?

The most effective alternative to scheduling your bus ahead of time is by going to the bus terminal a couple of days prior to your actual travel date.

You can additionally get your ticket through a travel bureau. Do not be shocked if they bill you a couple of pesos additional.

Rates can differ depending on your time of travel.

Getting your tickets online or at the ticket counter can also make a distinction. We saw prices for bus trips online as well as the trip seemed much more expensive when we most likely went to the ticket counter.

Make certain to check what bus you’re reserving, for example, bus from Merida Cancun, because the Grand Luxe buses are more expensive.

For booking your journey online, you require to be the owner of a Mexican bankcard.

If you wish to get your ticket last-minute, the bus might currently be full, and you’ll need to await the next bus.

A couple of ADO ideas

  • For long roads, seats are phoned number. Sit over the seat which is designated to you

  • For short rides, people do not sit in the designated seat. Confusing!

  • Your travel luggage will obtain identified, and you get your travel luggage tag

  • Some buses have Wi-Fi and power outlets

  • TROUBLE buses have flicks with a lot of noise

  • Buses are typically air-conditioned, bring a sweater

Regional Buses – First-rate Buses

Mexico counts a great deal of different bus companies, besides ADO, which is offered in the various regions in Mexico.

These buses are a great choice for mass transit in Mexico. If you’re staying in a hostel or hotel, personnel will normally be able to tell you which companies to take in that location.

The best-known companies are Estrella Blanca, ABC buses, and Pullman. Every one of these businesses uses first-class buses that are tidy and also punctual.


Shuttles are mini busses that can transfer approximately 15 individuals and their baggage simultaneously.

They are very simple to use.

The very best method to book shuttle bus is a hostel or a holiday company in the town you’re checking out. Rates range various firms as well as sometimes you can haggle on the price.

They’re not always the cheapest choice of public transport in Mexico, but they are hassle-free as well as comfortable.